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Dietitian specialized in hormonal health in women


Hello! I’m Naomi, welcome! Let me tell you a little about myself…

Although the title of Dietitian Technician is not my first academic title (below you can see my journey), I have spent practically my entire life trying to find my way. For a long time this subject became my obsession, passion and hobby, so frustrated by the current health system and seeing the growing need, I decided to officially train. Yes, there is life beyond pills and spartan diets.

I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), I was also prescribed birth control pills at a very young age and at the first opportunity. (Let’s not demonize them, they have their function). After stopping the pills, I had, as I say, an explosion, I started to gain weight and that was the least of my problems; I didn’t recognize myself, I felt stupid, my memory was conspicuous by his absence and a long etcetera. I also take good care of my thyroid, since it is not in its optimal ranges due to all the “tuning” that I have given to my axis during previous years, yes, with that obsession with losing weight at all costs and with the culture of “less plate and more shoe” and no one beat me as a Spartan, like a good Taurus.

If you pamper your hormones, you have the key to finding your well-being and health. And for this, you need a lot of SELF-LOVE. Yes, taking care of your diet and your health is an act of self-love. I encourage you not to give up and not settle if what they advise you is dogma and is not helping you. I encourage you to give yourself time and discover yourself. No matter how dark things are, you will end up learning the right direction for you.

Academic tour:

Currently, looking for my next training in nutrition and hormones.
Nutrition, medicine and hormonal health in women. ICNS (2021)
Dietitian Technician. Ilerna (2020-2021)
CRO Master. DM School(2019)
Data Analytics Course. EOI (2019)
Postgraduate in Web Usability, Conversion, UX and marketing. IEBS (2018)
Master Digital Marketing and Community Management. School of Marketing and Web (2017-2018)
ADE degree. UV (2012-2016)
Middle and Higher Cycle Administration and finances. IES Laurona (2008-2012)
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